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Finding Books and DVDs

After you have located a book or DVD in OneSearch 2.0 that you’d like to find in the library, follow these steps which correspond with the screenshot below:

  1. Determine if a book or DVD is “Available” in the “Hamilton Library”.
  2. Clarify which collection the book or DVD is in by looking at the UPPERCASE word, for example, GENERAL.
  3. Identify the call number or the Dewey Decimal number of the book or DVD.
  4. Check the “Collections” below to determine which floor of the library the book or DVD is located on.
  5. Go to the correct “Collection” in the library and find the book or DVD arranged in numerical order on the shelves.

If you need help finding a resource, please visit Circulation or contact us, reference@franklincollege.edu, for more information.

Collection Locations

Use the following chart to help you determine where a collection is located.

AV MediaSecond FloorWest End
Banta CollectionThird FloorOpen Stacks
Banta ReferenceThird FloorOpen Stacks
CD, Audio Compact DiscFirst FloorAsk at Circulation
Computer SoftwareFirst FloorAsk at Circulation
Franklin CollectionThird FloorOpen Stacks
Franklin ReferenceThird FloorOpen Stacks
GeneralSecond FloorOpen Stacks
Indiana Baptist CollectionThird FloorOpen Stacks
Indiana Baptist ReferenceThird FloorArchives
Juvenile CollectionSecond FloorSoutheast Corner
Juvenile OversizeSecond FloorSoutheast Corner
LargeSecond FloorWest End
MapsThird FloorWest End
Microfilm and MicroficheThird FloorWest End
ManuscriptsThird FloorArchives
OversizeSecond FloorWest End
Periodical IndexesSecond FloorWest End
ReferenceThird FloorOpen Stacks
Musical ScoresSecond FloorWest End
Sound RecordingsSecond FloorWest End
Valuable CollectionThird FloorArchives
Valuable ReferenceThird FloorArchives
Video (DVD/VHS)First FloorSouth Wall

VHS-Ask at Circulation

If you need help finding a resource, please visit Circulation or contact us, reference@franklincollege.edu, for more information.

Call Numbers

The Dewey Decimal System organizes information into 10 broad areas, which are broken into smaller and smaller topics. Different topics are assigned numbers, known as “call numbers.”

Tips for finding books using Dewey Decimal call numbers:

  • The number before the decimal point is always treated as a whole number.
  • The numbers following the decimal point are treated as decimals.
  • If another letter appears after the decimal number, it is also arranged first by letter and then by decimal number.

For example, the following books are in the correct order.

Finding Resources image 4