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To view online citation tools and learn more about different citation styles, visit the Citing Sources Research Guide.

If you need assistance finding a style guide or citing a source, please visit Jessica Mahoney, HAM 100, or Email-A-Librarian.

Why should you cite your sources?

  • Give credit to the people whose words and ideas you are using.
  • Distinguish other people’s ideas from your own.
  • Make your argument stronger by using supporting evidence from other sources.
  • Demonstrate your integrity and skill as a responsible student and participant in your field of study.
  • Highlight the careful and thorough work you have put into locating and evaluating your sources.
  • Allow people (professors included) to verify your claims and get additional information related to the topic you’ve written about or presented.

According to The Key, “Students are expected to maintain high standards of personal integrity, especially in their academic work.”

How should you cite your sources?

  • There is no one correct way to cite something.
    Writing guides (commonly referred to as style manuals) provide rules and instruction.
  • You should use a style manual in order to properly cite materials.
    Different style manuals are used for different disciplines or subject areas.
  • Ask your instructor which style he or she wishes you to use and if there are other special formatting instructions you should follow.