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Search the FC Research Collection.

The FC Research Collection houses campus scholarship and unique archival materials. Coverage began in May 2015 and includes research from multiple campus majors.

Submit Your Work

All Franklin College students are encouraged to submit the written component of their completed undergraduate research. Preserve your work as part of Franklin College’s academic history and allow others to use it for teaching, research, or administrative purposes.

If you would like to submit your original work, including manuscripts, abstracts, and posters, to the Franklin College Research Collection, complete these steps.

  1. Finalize your original work.
  2. Receive approval from your research mentor/instructor.
  3. Complete the submission form, and upload a copy of your work through the submission form.

NOTE: Direct all questions to reference@franklincollege.edu, and a library staff member will follow up with you.

Benefits of Contributing to the Research Collection

  1. Share your work with a potential employer through LinkedIn; include a link on your resume.
  2. Make your work discoverable to future Franklin College researchers.
  3. Preserve your original work.